Product Description


Features & Functions : 

  • Two channel independent isolated output.
  • Auto-programs and manual adjustment functions.
  • Medium frequency whole field treatment.

Specifications : 

Dimension 260 x 170 x 65 (mm)
Weight 1045gm (with adaptor)
Power supply AC/DC 9V/800mA HT662(2CH)
Channel two independent isolated transformers (2CH)
Output current 0~120mA P to P into 500Ω load
Current type Medium frequency carrier (1K-5KHz)
auto or manual modulation
Timer 15, 30 minutes auto off, C(continue)
Function mode Selected by pushing button "FUNCTION";
MA, MT, MM, B, C, M six functions; P/W, 
amplitude, P/R auto or manual modulation.

Function mode : 

Auto modulation; PRM~2Hz-150Hz,
carrier~600-5000Hz, per cycle 15 secs.
Disperse-dense auto modulation; 3 steps
rate~1, 2-100, 150(Hz); per cycle 7 secs.
Auto modulation; PRM~2Hz-150Hz,
carrier~1000-5000Hz, remain adjustable.
Burst width~3mS-12mS, 
Burst rate~2Hz-150Hz, remain adjustable.
P/W~3mS-12mS, P/R~2Hz-150Hz, 
remain adjustable.
P/W~3mS-12mS, P/R~2Hz-150Hz, per
remain adjustable, per cycle 15 secs.

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